Crystals 101

We know you have a lot of questions about crystals – and we’re here to give you a little Crystals 101.

It’s our space to answer questions about how to use crystals, where to keep them, how to carry them, and all the rest!

Keep the questions coming, and we’ll keep answering them!

What are crystals used for?
Crystals have many purposes depending on the person using them. Some of the more popular uses for crystals are meditation aids, crystal healing, cleansing spaces and for pure aesthetics. Most often, it’s a combination of all of these purposes, plus whatever else the individual attunes the crystal to do.

How do I use them?
One of the most common ways to use your crystals is to simply carry them on your person as you go about your day. Each variety of crystal has its own unique properties and effects, and carrying a stone or two around in your pocket is a great way to reap the benefits of these properties. Personally, we like to select a few each morning that are calling out for us to carry around.  They can also be used in a more concentrated way by focusing energy into the stone, or programming it, and using it during meditation; placing it under your pillow while you sleep; or even placing it around your home to bring a desired effect.

They can also be used in the creation of crystal grids, which is an excellent way to bring a lot of focused intent into your living space.

How do I program my stones?
Programming is the act of placing a specific intent or purpose upon a crystal. For example,  person who is looking to bring wealth into their life would program a piece of citrine with the goal of gaining material, spiritual, or internal wealth, and place it somewhere around their home to attract that desired effect. It can be done by holding your chosen crystal in your hands and focusing on it attracting your desired effect. It can be helpful to imagine you intent flowing into the stone. You can program a stone to whatever you would like, for as long as you like. It is not necessary to feel the effects of the crystals, but it can be helpful in the pursuit of a specific goal.

What is cleansing?
Cleansing is a way to remove leftover energies and intentions from your crystals. It is important to cleanse your crystals after you acquire them, and to regularly cleanse them as you use them.

How do I cleanse crystals?There are many ways to cleanse crystals, depending on personal preference and they variety of stone. The most common way is to smudge crystals, or to hold them over burning incense and let the smoke lift the energy out of the crystal and back into the universe. This is one of the best ways as smoke will not damage the stones. Other ways include placing them in a natural source of running water, burying them in dirt, leaving them out in the sunlight or moonlight or using you breath to remove energies.

These ways are not always as effective as smudging or incense as some stones may be damaged. For example, softer stones like selenite do not do well in water due to their fragile nature, but quartz varieties will be fine. Sunlight may change the colour of the stones if exposed for too long and leaving them in dirt for to long may result in calcium buildup around the stone. It is personal choice as to how you cleanse your stones, but be sure to ask if you have questions about your particular stones.

Why should I cleanse crystals?
Cleansing your crystals enables them to work at their peak, without interference from residual energies. As you use the stone, your energy will remain within it. Some stones need to be cleansed often and some rarely need to be. If you ever find that the usual effects of a stone are diminished, or you have difficulty using it, it means that stone requires cleansing. It is also a good way to reset any intentions you have programmed your stones with should you want to change them, and is a good practice to get in the habit of.

What happens if I don’t cleanse crystals?
Some people believe that certain varieties never need to be cleansed, but we find it helpful to cleanse all our stones. If we don’t cleanse them, it becomes very difficult to get the desired result from the stone. Since we often use our stones on and with other people, cleansing is exceptionally important. Aside from personal preference, the cleansing process is a great way to get attuned with your stones, to get to know them and to find a deeper connection with them.

Which crystals should I have?
The crystals that you need will find you when you require them. Aside from that, the only stone we believe every collector should have is clear quartz. It is one of the most versatile stones, and is a great stone to have in your collection. We also believe that you should start your collection with stones that activate each of your chakras. It’s a great way to begin, giving you a basic foundation as you move forward. Along with clear quartz, we recommend picking up some amethyst, selenite, lapis lazuli, rose quartz, citrine, carnelian and smokey quartz. These are our personal preferences for each chakra, but if you feel drawn to a different stone, go for it. Follow your intuition.

How do I choose a crystal?
Crystals choose you as much as you choose them. Choosing a stone in person can be a great experience because it lets you examine every crack and crevice and unique feature it has. That said, when shopping online you don’t have the opportunity to pick them up and feel them.  In this case we believe that the right stone is destined to come to you and we do our very best to pick out a stone that will resonate with our clients.  Of course, if you have a preference or would like to pick a specific stone, you can leave a message during your order or send us an email.

Where do I keep them?
Where you place your stones is entirely up to you. Some people prefer to keep them all together on a designated altar or sacred space, while other prefer to have them scattered all about their home. The stones will tell you where they belong depending on their purpose. We find that the best way to keep them is all together or in small groups (they like friends!).


Large or fragile stones may be displayed throughout your home or office – consider a special place on the mantle, bedside table, or in jars, plants, or pretty trays.  There is no right or wrong when it comes to where you keep them or what you do with them, just do what feels natural. 

How do I pick which crystals to carry with me?


Certain crystals will jump out at you on certain days depending on you mood and external influences. We find that a good mixture for daily use are four stones that stimulate the third eye, throat, heart and root chakras. This allows us to see things clearly, communicate thoroughly, stay in tune with feelings and remain steady and focused. It’s fun to experiment with how different stones work together. Feel free to carry as few or as many as you want. If you have pockets it’s easy enough to keep them there. Use a small velvet bag to hold your stones and then tuck it into a bra, a bag, or hang it off of a set of keys.

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