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EmporiOM’s Alyssa Marsillo and Demitra Kokolakis saw the circle as a practice, a technique, a ritual, based on the principles of power-from-within and power-with, not power over others.


A circle creates sacred space; this is the basis of its power. As ritual, it acknowledges the availability of wisdom and help from something beyond our human dimension. It is a way of consciously asking grace to enter.


For this to happen, sacred space needs to be clearly established in each circle. This can be done in many different ways – using ritual, creating altars, offering blessings or readings, guided or silent meditation, chanting and singing, sacred play, painting and drawing, silent time to sit within….


We will be meeting once a week for 90 minutes in Chomedey Laval.
(Stay Posted for Dates)

GOAL: This will help OUR empowerment from within. Sitting in circle, each person is equidistant from the center; energy is distributed equally- an ancient tool used by native peoples and others, acknowledges this principle.
In council, a talking object is passed, giving each woman a space in which to speak without interruption for a time frame to keep in mind; Every voice is invited, given attention and respect but most of ll should be on the same page of this “Sitting in our Power” and strengthening our gifts by connecting to Gaia and our Angels , Guides, Spirit Animals and go forth.

Guidelines for Circle Work
Deep listening • Breathe • Honor the truth of your experience • Go slow • No blame • Include the differences • Hold the intensity • Allow silence • Present moment • Welcome the unknown • Circle as teacher • Enjoy the process!!





To participate ADD yourself to Circle group!!!

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