What are the right crystals for Yoga?

When crystals are used for Yoga, they boost your concentration, flexibility and balance, in addition to eradicating the mental blocks. Just like various poses of Yoga that appeal to you differently, crystals should be bonded well too.

The right crystals for Yoga can be chosen based on the Chakras or simply how well you bond with it.

1.     Fluorite

Popular as the stone of modernity, Fluorite wands play a major role in helping you relax efficiently. Fluorite is ideal for people who are easily distracted or too restless, during yoga.

Wear this Fluorite  if you want to erase the darkness and blocks from your mind to do a luxuriating yoga!

2.      Rose Quartz

Representing the Heart chakra, Rose quartz is ideal for people suffering from heart problems. A crystal that advocates self love, Rose Quartz helps significantly if you’re finding it hard to concentrate due to a recentemotional trauma.

Carry this Rose quartz pendant on you every time you are distracted emotionally during Yoga.

3.      Citrine

A lovely crystal to wear or carry on you at all times, Citrine is the sign of success. Wearing citrine during Yoga will help you have the breakthrough you’ve been targeting, provided you’re amateur at Yoga or Crystal Power.

4.      Black Tourmaline

A shielding stone that repels all your negativity, Black Tourmaline is perfect to attain the composure in your mind when attempting Yoga. Wearing this Black Tourmaline  regularly on you during yoga sessions will help you release fear easily and achieve relaxation.

5.      Sodalite

If your yoga session today is to reveal the ultimate truth that has been confusing you, begin your session with a five minute meditation with sodalite crystal. Activating the third Eye Chakra, Sodalite is gorgeous to wear and powerful for all Yoga Poses.

Keep this Sodalite on your mat when beginning the yoga to dispel confusions and reveal the truth.

6.      Carnelian

A crystal signifying abundance, Carnelian works well even if you don’t directly touch it, but keep it in the room that you do yoga. Carnelian is an excellent stone to boost your focus and flexibility in yoga due to its power of helping you relax tenfold better than the yoga or crystal alone!

Hurry and grab this carnelian and keep it in your Yoga room during a session and feel its magic!

7.      Clear quartz

Ideal stone for meditation, yoga and breathing exercises, Clear quartz distils the confusions in your mind, in addition to helping you vent out emotional agonies. If you’re looking for inner peace and outer success through your Yoga, you need this Clear quartz  now!

8.      Moonstone

A beautiful crystal for ultimate spiritual relaxation, Moonstone is also ideal for cultivating divination as well as to improve your intuitive traits. Wearing moonstone pendant at all sessions of Yoga helps your body move in grace without crutches or cramps.

Try this moonstone  to taste a life without emotional stress feels like!

9.      Black Onyx

Yet another protection crystal, Black Onyx is the perfect crystal for psychic protection. When doing yoga, keeping a black onyx crystal such as this in your pocket or even holding it for 3 seconds will run a calming vibrationthrough your body and spirit.

Wear this Black onyx pendant before your next yoga and try meditating after to see the real magic of Onyx.