guide to make it simple!



In order to attract the things, people and places you want into your life, you simply have to put the message out for the Universe to hear that you WANT them (not NEED them, that’s important!).

Imagine how it feels when you are experiencing your particular desire. Feeling the vibration of having a new job, a partner, a new baby is a huge part of it. It is your heart’s and soul’s desire, so WANT it, SEE it, and BELIEVE it when you send your intention out to the Universe.

All that it really means is bringing an active attention on it. An intention can be anything (better health, relationship, financial freedom, inner calm, a new puppy…), and its power is dependent on your focus, on your active attention. 

One of the ways of stepping into this process and training yourself how to do it, is to wear one of our simple but powerful reminders of what you WANT in your life right now.





1. Find a quiet space, where you can take a few minutes to set your intention. Take a few deep breaths to relax into your body.
     Always take at least 20 seconds to ground yourself into present moment.

2. Ask yourself –  what do I want right now?
     What change or state are you feeling at this moment? Keep it simple and keep it positive.

3. Visualize what it feels like when this intention manifests.
     Focus on how it feels in your heart, not how it looks in your mind. The more clarity and emotion you put into your intention-setting, the more you will charge your intention with power of materialization.

4. Hold a physical object – a mala, a crystal, or any other piece you will be using/wearing daily – to anchor your feeling.
     This can be any object that you can hold or carry with you.

5. Speak your intention aloud and then write it down.
     State it as if it already happened (ie. “Selling my first piece of art feels so good!”)

6. Detach from the outcome. Let it go. Make the UNIVERSE your personal manager.

Each intention you set is your COMMITMENT to materializing the potential of your life. The EmporiOm family adds our full support behind your intention. If you have a question about setting intention, you can email us