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Jade Roller



To think that stone therapy has been around for thousands of years! The Chinese have been using jade as a healing element long before the jade roller became the have-to-have item in today’s at home spa. Jade rollers are not only very effective, they are inexpensive too. And you can hardly quantify the mystique that surrounds this magical tool! To look at, it resembles a paint roller but can do wonders for your complexion. Here are some reasons why you should pick up a jade roller the next time you are out shopping.

Benefits of a jade roller

If you were in any doubt, here are some reasons why you should rush to buy one.

The jade roller improves blood circulation and the skin tone too.
It gets rid of puffiness as it encourages lymphatic drainage.
The elasticity of the skin improves.
The roller reduces wrinkles and retards aging.
The dark circles under your eyes will be a thing of the past.
It eliminates toxins. The motion of the roller on the skin increases circulation. With extra circulation and lymph flow, there is cell renewal.
Your pores get tightened as the jade, being stone remains cold even in warm weather.
Increase in the life force chi. With more blood flow, the chi shows on your face making it glow.
It boosts the immunity system.
The health of the heart, lungs and the thymus improves.
It eases the pain of sinus and headaches.


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